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About the Company

1450 is the Nation’s Best Value Added Distributor of Technology for Physicians and other Professional Vertical Markets.

1450’s founder and CEO, retired Orthopedic Surgeon, Eric S. Fishman, M.D., has over 19 years of experience in the speech recognition industry, and is a key figure in the EHR and medical documentation fields. With his experience in the medical field and the Health IT landscape, Eric has catapulted 1450 to be a principal player in EHR and Speech Recognition integration.

When Eric started the company in 1997, he had a vision of a value driven distribution company that serves value driven resellers.

With the current state of business in mind, Eric has designed the 1450 product line to provide businesses, in all industries, with time management and workflow solutions. 1450 aims to accentuate its resellers’ business growth by carrying top of the line products, and providing all the necessary resources for them to become voice recognition, transcription, and work flow management experts. It’s this expertise that sets 1450 resellers apart from the rest.

Ann Deborah Fishman, Esquire is the co-founder of 1450, Inc. and has served as General Counsel and Vice President. In 2011 Ann became Chief Officer of Operations Worldwide and is actively overseeing the company’s expansion into Latin America.

About Our Resellers

All 1450 Value Added Resellers complete comprehensive technical and sales training.  1450 provides its VARs with all the tools necessary to deliver the best end-user experience, and the best workflow solutions, implementations and support.

“At 1450, we bring value to our resellers so that they can bring value to their clients,” ~Eric Fishman, M.D.

Our Name

We are frequently asked about the derivation of our name.  On a plane trip from Florida to Boston, where we were to meet Dr. Baker, founder of Dragon Systems, we decided that we wanted a name that was related to the Information Age.

So, we chose 1450.

If you’ll recall your history lessons, in the year 1450 there was a very important invention that catapulted learning, education, and in general improved the transfer of knowledge from one person to another.

What was this invention?

The movable type printing press, invented by Johannes Gutenberg, greatly sped the production of printed material.  No longer were single printing plates carved once, and used to print one and only one document.  Now, with type that could be inset into the plate, and rearranged as needed, the same plate could be utilized to print any number of pages.

At 1450 we strive to live up to the innovative history after which we have named our company.