The Meaning of our Logo:

Here it was, February 2004 and I had just returned from HIMSS in Orlando, Florida. was born, and we needed a logo.

It was patently obvious to me that one of the most important issues facing the industry was 'Interconnectivity' or 'Interoperability'.

I had a meeting with my entire staff and asked for a new logo that would elicit thoughts of an interconnected network.

The logo that you see on this site, as well as all of our related sites, all interconnected in one way or another, are our way of acknowledging the interconnected nature of this industry.

We firmly believe that essentially every EHR user should utilize Dragon Medical to facilitate the placement of the unique fabric of the patient history.

The utilization of Dragon improves the adoption of EHRs, allows for more rapid production of medical reports, increases their quality, and has an almost immediate return on investment.



Our Major Websites

Zero in on your EHR 24/7 access to query our database of 100,000 data points representing over 300 different EHR vendors.


300 Possible EHRs – Only One EMRConsultant™ A more detailed, analysis of your health information technology needs. Like it queries our database of EHR information, but it goes into more depth, and includes a personalized review of your needs. There is usually a 24-48 hour delay before recommendations are available.


Comprehensive Video Analysis of the EHR & PHR Industries A in-depth video series on Health Information Technology.

Additional versions: Video Watermark [.png ]


Get Ready to go Paperless

Ready4EHR: EHR Scope, LLC can help you with EHR Implementation by providing professional consulting services such as Speech Recognition, Discrete Reportable Transcription, Outsourced Billing, Forms Management and Scanning/Routing.

EHRScope Mag

Reviews from end-users on Health IT Products and Services

EHR Scope Reviews: Reviews at EHR Scope provides end-user reviews of EHR software and related services.

EHRScope Mag

The most Comprehensive and Reliable EHR Compendium An online version of our print magazine, including a compendium of hundreds of EHRs and articles on the industry.

EHRScope Blog

News, Views and Reviews about the EHR Industry Our EHRBlog. Posts concerning politics, grants, security, implementation and other important factors concerning Health Information Technology.


Let’s get Personal What the 299 million Americans who are not physicians are interested in.

Where Dragon Meets Medicine An exhaustive list of qualified Dragon Medical speech recognition dealers throughout North America, including information regarding their expertise with various EHRs.

Medical Content Macros

Speak Less.  Do More Medical Content Macros, as well as Dragon Integration Macros (ABCD - A Basic Command Definition), providing low cost boilerplate macros for Dragon and MS Word, usable with any EHR, as well as more detailed Dragon Integration macros for a select group of EHRs.




Additional Content: A series of camtasia videos demonstrating the use of Dragon Medical with a variety of EHRs, discussing the most favorable method of integrating Dragon with an EHR. The second busiest forum on the subject of Speech Recognition available. An open forum on the subject of EMRs / EHRs. A series of articles on the Health Information Industry. A discussion of some of the specialty specific features which may be available for you.