Dragon Medical Practice Edition


Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the Most Accurate Speech Recognition Software Ever Produced by Nuance!

What can Dragon Medical Practice Edition do for you?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition speech recognition software provides greater efficiency, higher quality documentation and more profitable medical care. Dragon Medical Practice Edition gives you the ability to dictate directly into your electronic medical record allowing doctors and clinicians to freely document care in their own words in EHR sections such as History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, Physicals Examination and Assessment and Plan.

What’s New in Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

  • Better Accuracy
  • Smart Configuration Recognition
  • Analytics Recognition
  • Speed Accuracy Tuning
  • Smart Corrections
  • New Dragon Sidebar
  • Profile Creation Wizard
  • Help System & Tutorials
  • Improved Desktop Navigation
  • Playback Initial Training
  • Time Reduced for Digital Recording Devices
  • Enhanced Profile-Opening User Dialog


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