InSync Buddy 7G

About Buddy 7G™ Technologies

InSync Speech Technologies, Inc. introduces its 7th generation of USB technology of its Buddy microphones and switches.  InSync recently released ten new devices based on this technology and will introduce at least four more in the coming months.  Using this technology almost any custom device can be manufactured  in record time.

Buddy 7G™ technology is embedded in a hardware micro-processor and uses Windows®, Mac® or Linux® built-in drivers.  The new and highly effective, real-time adaptive, noise-cancellation DSP technology FilteredAudio™ is also embedded in the same micro-processors.

Buddy 7G™ is highly customizable.  Using its unique event/action architecture it can carry out actions in response to a user generated event such as a push of a button, or events generated as a result of an action, such as microphone muting or coming out of mute state.  Actions are used to simulate keyboard, mouse or joystick for sending any key combinations, string, mouse movements and mouse clicks, using USB HID to interact with any third party software application.

MyBuddyMic™ software, available as a free download from the web page, can be used to customize any device built with Buddy 7G technology.  MyBuddyMic works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.  Once customized, any Buddy 7G device works without any further help from MyBuddyMic as the changes are stored in the hardware.

BDK™ (Buddy Development Kit) is available for seamless integration with almost any third party application developed with compiled languages such as C, C++, Delphi, VB or scripting languages such as JavaScript or VB Script.  OEM support is built from the ground up in the Buddy 7G devices.

In the very near future Buddy 7G customization software will also be embedded in the hardware.  We have prototypes with embedded logic similar to the one provided by MyBuddyMic software today, making it truly platform independent.

Buddy 7G™ devices easily interact with Dragon® software from Nuance® to send voice commands or control the Dragon microphone.  Any Buddy 7G™ based device such as Buddy StylusMic 7G™ can be programmed as Push-To-Talk, Mute-Toggle, direct control of Dragon microphone or any other variation desired.