The ability to support customers remotely is essential in the current IT business environment. Bomgar Enterprise Remote Support is an elite online/network support medium. 1450, Inc. provides its loyal VARs who purchase substantial quantities of products with access to Bomgar in order for them to sell and support the products they purchase from 1450.

Bomgar enables VARs to access and control remote computers, servers, Smartphones, and network devices. Technicians can view remote device screens, install software, transfer files, access command shells and system info, troubleshoot software issues, and train their End Users without ever leaving their office. Further, it has been shown to be an extraordinarily powerful sales tool when utilized routinely.

Utilizing Bomgar

By utilizing the Bomgar system VARs have opportunities to market, support, and train Dragon software to End Users in other parts of the world. The screen sharing ability pared with a conference call can be used as a webinar function. Webinars are a fantastic marketing tool because they give VARs the chance to really demonstrate the ease, accuracy, and functions of Dragon software. The installing software and file transferring capabilities allow technicians to install and uninstall Dragon as well as transfer voice profiles, macros, and other related files to End Users without ever being in front of the End User’s computer. This makes delaying the answers and solutions to End Users’ technical questions a thing of the past. Screen sharing is the perfect way to train a remote End User. Getting into a customer’s computer and walking them through the software while they can not only watch, but also interact is an invaluable training tool.

1450, Inc. aims to provide its VARs with all tools necessary to support their End Users, and Bomgar is an integral part of the sales, training and support toolbox. Learn more about Bomgar by attending one of 1450, Inc.’s Bomgar webinars, visiting, or by just calling us.

* Bomgar service is available for customers once they have reached a minimum sales threshold.