Medical Transcription Solutions

Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Software

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition is up to 99% accurate out-of-the-box, and includes medical vocabularies covering nearly 80 medical specialties and subspecialties. Using Dragon Medical 10, physicians are able to dictate in “real-time” into their electronic health record (EHR) in their own words – letting them instantly review, sign, and make their notes available for other clinicians.

  • Improves financial performance by eliminating transcription costs and by increasing physician productivity in comparison to typing, or “point and click”, data entry into an EHR. Clinicians can now spend more time with patients or increase their patient load — leading to higher practice revenue — and dictate more detailed “medical decision-making” for each patient encounter.
  • Raises the quality of care by enabling clinicians to dictate, review and sign medical records in one step, allowing them to communicate clinical information more quickly to referring clinicians and patients alike. Faster, more complete medical records lead to care plans being more quickly put in place.
  • Increases clinician satisfaction by making the EHR easier to use by eliminating typing, or “point and click”, data entry of patient information.

Frisbee Pro, Frisbee Enterprise, and Frisbee Smart

Frisbee is a transcription workflow software designed to simplify and organize the dictation and transcription processes into an easy to use portal.  Frisbee enables users to automate the depositing, sorting, labeling, and delivering of dictations, in turn, greatly reducing transcription turnaround times.  Frisbee gives users control of the dictation and transcription process while at the same time reducing the amount of time and energy spent on it.  Frisbee has a true and measurable ROI.

Frisbee Pro is a workstation product that organizes the transcription and dictation processes for authors and transcriptionists by creating an avenue for sharing and organizing jobs.  Frisbee Enterprise is a server based solution and an ideal choice for organizations that need to manage their transcription workflow from one simple interfaceFrisbee Smart turns a Smartphone into a high quality digital voice recorder connected directly to the user’s Frisbee portal.

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The newly released software, NoteSwift, empowers Dragon Medical to strategically place structured data directly into the appropriate places within supported EHRs.

NoteSwift recognizes meaningful data in dictations, and places them in the EHR. Currently NoteSwift supports dictation into Allscripts Professional EHR versions 7, 8 and 9.0, and the company plans to release versions for many more EHRs in the future.  A version of NoteSwift for Allscripts MyWay is expected to be released in the first half of 2011.

Physicians using Allscripts Professional with Dragon Medical and NoteSwift have an ability that very few others in the industry have:  the ability to get discrete structured data into their EHR from the spoken voice.  A doctor simply dictates and together NoteSwift and Dragon Medical will take the relevant data from the dictation and place it into the appropriate data fields in Allscripts Professional.